A Session

What is a session like?

The recipient remains fully clothed and rests on their back, on a massage table. JSDTM acupressure uses the same points as acupuncture. However, acupressure technique is accomplished with finger tip pressure. The amount of pressure is determined by the comfort of the recipient in the area of any chosen points. Always, always the touch is respectful and non invasive.

The practitioner touches (holds) two or more points at a time on the recipient. As the flow of energy moves between these points, the bodymind relaxes and the practitioner moves on to another set of points. The effects are deep relaxation and all the benefits one attributes to that state. It is perfectly natural and acceptable for a recipient to take a brief nap as the practitioner continues.

In the course of a one hour to one and a half hour session, the practitioner may ask the recipient to breath more deeply or from one point to another, and in this manner the recipients participate in their own session.

It is not uncommon for new ideas, insight, laughter and even tears to accompany such a deep relaxation. You are free to speak of or not to speak of your process. The practitioner is not a therapist. The practitioner is there only to support your own process and act as a reflective listener.

After a session or so, the practitioner may suggest some stretches or exercises designed to loosen the area or areas that hold tension in your body.

How often should I return?

Many people return weekly, while some return monthly. Still others return on an “as needed” basis.