New Client Information

Before you come in for the Initial Visit:

Homeopathy: Beyond Flat Earth Medicine by Timothy Dooley, ND, MD. This book is available at and many libraries. If you live in Athens, OH, you may find it at The Farmacy Health Food Store on Stimson Ave. Any bookstore can order this paperback for you by title and author.

I strongly urge you to read this before your first visit as it will better prepare you to think about and collect information about your complaint which is relevant to a homeopath. Often what is not relevant to your allopathic physician IS relevant to your homeopath. Pay particular attention to the chapters: How to get good results and Special Situations. The rest of the book is very informative and may answer questions you have about alternative medicine.

It is often helpful for folks to read this book again, AFTER a visit, to help you better prepare for the information you gather and report.

You will need to pick up Intake forms, in advance of your first appointment. Please bring these completed forms to your Initial Visit. Please note some forms are two sided and some may require a Witness Signature. These forms are enormously helpful in remedy selection so please do not rush through them. Please be diligent and ask family members if you don’t know the information requested on those forms. I realize some people will not have any family left to ask.

Please bring with you, a blank book we will call a homeopathic journal. This is a great place to write information you need to mention, to record dreams to share, questions you have and information I give you. This should be JUST for homeopathy and used often between visits, while brought to each visit.

The Initial Visit

Please plan your day so that you have 2 hours to spend with me. We may not require all of that time but please allow for it. If you schedule yourself too tightly, it may affect your ability to relax and remember everything pertinent to our visit.

We will be talking about all of you: sleep to food cravings/aversions to dreams to energy levels, in addition to your presenting complaint. Skin, digestion, elimination, eyes, ears, nose, throat, birth history, immunizations, health as an infant and toddler should all be information you have collected and brought along. Homeopathy is a collaborative health model and cannot even hope to succeed without your full participation. Please consider this information before your visit and write in your homeopathic journal, things you need to remember to tell me.

BRING: Your homeopathic journal and the completed forms. If there is supplemental information, that you think would be helpful, bring me a copy of those too (Example: allergy test.) Please bring a list of supplements, vitamins and any medications with dose information. Please do not bring the bottles!

Follow Up Visits

Please bring your journal with dreams and other homeopathic information you have collected including what you noticed since taking the homeopathic remedy.

Frequency is determined on a case-to-case basis but generally, every 6-8 weeks. They are based on a 30-minute appointment but I generally keep 45 minutes open.