Selecting your remedy

The remedy selected is based on ALL of you, not just your chief complaint. It is not uncommon for me to study your case before I prescribe. I will notify you when it is ready to be picked up.

If this is the case, the consultation fee is collected at the conclusion of your appointment and the remedy may be paid for when you pick it up or by mail. Ask for details, when this applies to you.

Remedy Information

Remedy name/substance will be given, upon request, when you no longer require that remedy. This is the case because what you read, research on Internet or the opinions of others, would likely influence what you experience and report to me.

Picking up a remedy and payment
You may pick up remedies at 61 Columbia Ave in Athens, OH.

Directions: Take State Street to Madison (Athens Floral) and turn UP the hill that is Madison. At the top of Madison is a “T” with a stop sign. Turn Left onto Columbia Avenue. Go to the first stop sign on Columbia Ave where Highland Avenue intersects. This stop sign in on our property. Go through the stop sign a few yards. On your Right is our large mailbox and newspaper tube with the number 61 on it. These are mounted on a post. When you stand facing the door to our mailbox, you can see a smaller, brown mailbox is also mounted on the post, facing away from the street. The brown box is mounted out of view from the road. You will see it when you approach the post.

In a zip lock bag or envelope, you will find remedies or forms left in the brown box for you. Please be sure to select the envelope or zip lock bag with your initials on it. There may be several items in the brown box at one time.

You can leave your payment in the brown box, if it is a check. Do not leave cash.Please be sure the payment is IN AN ENVELOPE with my name on it. Having some empty envelopes in your glove box is always helpful. I check the brown box every afternoon.

Specific instructions for taking the remedy will be given in one of four ways:
1. We discussed this at our appointment and you wrote down the instruction in your homeopathic journal. When this is the case, please depend on carefully taken notes as I will not send them a second time.
2. Directions will be sent via email
3. Directions are included in your zip lock bag.
4. If you receive an LM in the mail, the homeopathic pharmacy may print directions on the label.

Instructions about how to handle, take and store a homeopathic remedy can be found below. Please read them before picking up your remedy and review them before taking any remedy.

Remedy Information

Remedy name/substance will be given, upon request, when you no longer require the same. What you read, research on Internet or the opinions of others, would likely influence what you experience and report. In this case, ignorance is bliss.

Instructions for use of homeopathic remedies:

Taking a remedy in pellet form:

Instruction will be provided for you as to the number of pellets to use (if not indicated on the label already) and how often you will take them. For example: Take the entire vial under your tongue at one time or One capful now and another capful in 12 hours.

If there are any pellets left after doses are taken as directed, store as directed below.

Protect the remedy:

When using a homeopathic remedy outside of the office, you need to protect the vial from direct sunlight, heat over 110 F (such as a car in summer) and strong odors. These will often destroy a remedy before you have even taken it. Avoid wearing perfumes, colognes or strong essential oils when you take the remedy.

The mouth should be substance free:

When taking the remedy, the mouth should be free from food, liquid, gum, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc for fifteen minutes before and fifteen minutes after.

If the situation (injury, acute illness, stings, bites etc) does not allow this, rinse your mouth very well with clean water before the remedy is taken.

Avoid touching the remedy:

Make sure that your hands are free of strong odors and are dry after washing them.

Shake pellets directly into the cap or a metal spoon and transfer them under your tongue. Let the pellets dissolve under or on your tongue for a minute or so before swallowing.

Discard spilled or transferred pellets:

If, by accident, some of the remedy should spill from the container, do not return it to the container. Discard what has spilled out. Do not transfer the medicine to other containers or bottles that have contained other substances. Do not reuse the containers when they are empty, as they may carry medicinal properties. Please recycle.

Storing your remedy:

Do not store the remedy near or in the sunlight, near electrical currents or near microwave ovens.


Coffee:  Coffee can potentially reduce the effect of some homeopathic remedies. Please consult with your practitioner regarding recommendations on coffee intake while using homeopathic remedies. This includes Decaf coffee.

Black tea with caffeine is not a problem when using homeopathic remedies.

Camphor/Menthol/Eucalyptus/Tea Tree Oil products: All these may antidote…products you commonly use.

Avoid anything that has significant amounts of camphor. To name just a few:

  • Deep Heating Rubs (Vicks, Ben Gay, Tiger Balms etc)
  • Many lip balms (Chap stick, Blistex, etc)
  • Most throat lozenges.

Anything to which you are particularly sensitive:

Avoid any food, chemical, perfume or other substances, which cause you severe reactions such as, hives or skin eruptions, asthmas, bronchitis, sinus infections, runny nose or itchy eyes.

Moderate use of alcohol, tobacco or recreational drugs does not generally interfere as long as there is no special sensitivity (strong reaction from a single sip or puff). However, marijuana may antidote certain medicines.

Routine Dental Work

Cleaning of teeth does not cause a problem. Ask your dental hygienist for a rinse that does not contain mint. Drilling and the chemicals used in dental work often will antidote homeopathic medicines. Please consult your practitioner before you have any dental work (besides routine cleaning). If you have any pending dental work scheduled when you visit your homeopath, mention this at the visit.

Allopathic drugs:

Please tell your practitioner about ALL drugs, strong herbs, diet pills, birth control pills or shots, etc that you are taking. Under no circumstances should you stop strong allopathic medications without first consulting with your allopathic physician and then notify your homeopath. An occasional Tylenol or aspirin will not cause a problem. Excedrin should be avoided.

Skin Medicines:

It is not uncommon for homeopathic medicines to bring back old skin symptoms. Please do not use locally applied medicine of any kind without first talking to your homeopathic practitioner. This is particularly true of topical steroids.

The use of homeopathic Calendula creams or ointments for cuts and abrasions will not cause a problem.