What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a personalized approach to your health. Homeopathy aims to raise your Vital Force so that your body can heal itself. Homeopathy is safe for children and during pregnancy.

The remedies do come from the natural world but are NOT raw (like herbs in a capsule or tablet). Homeopathic remedies have been brought up to potency through an FDA approved process so that you can rest assured Apis 30c bought in Minneapolis, MN is exactly the same as Apis 30c bought in Athens, OH or Paris, France for that matter.

Homeopathy has three levels:

First Aid: At this level, remedy selection is based on the situation. For example, all bee stings will begin homeopathic treatment with remedy named Apis. In the homeopathic first aid courses I teach to lay folks, we address the common situations we all treat at home: scraps, minor cuts, bruises, stings, minor burns-things we would not normally consult a physician for. At this level our focus is on learning the remedies, the situation, and the application. The remedy is based on the situation and is not individual to the person, compared to Acute courses.

Acute: where the minor illness is self-limiting. That means that given 7-14 days it would resolve by itself and you would normally use OTC (over the counter) treatment from the shelves of a near health food store or pharmacy. These conditions are colds, flu’s, uncomplicated coughs, minor fevers…things that go away by themselves, given time but we need comfort and prefer a bit of speed in recovery.

The big difference between First Aid and Acute care is that the later is highly individualized. For example, when you tell me “My husband and I have the same cold and now the kids are coming down with it.” Each person may require a different remedy. This is because the major symptoms for each member of the family will be expressed individually. You may have more of a cough worse at night but Sally only coughs when she goes outside. Hubby may have a million Kleenex around him while you wish you needed one and your head feels like a block of wood. So, with Acute care we learn how to take a homeopathic case and select the remedy based on the individual.

Constitutional: where the complaint returns seasonally or periodically or it never really goes away entirely. These complaints may have episodes such as asthma, bronchitis, depression or acne where they get worse and go away for a time but your experience is “They’ll be back!” These constitutional issues may be something physical, emotional or cognitive like memory or difficulty concentrating.

Suggested Reading:

Homeopathy: Beyond Flat Earth Medicine by Timothy Dooley, ND, MD. This book is available at Amazon.com, many libraries nationwide, and if you live in Athens, OH you may find it at The Farmacy Health Food Store on Stimson Ave. Any bookstore can order this paperback for you by title and author.

Still want to know more about homeopathy?

If you are looking for more information about what homeopathy is, can be used for or general education, please visit The National Center for Homeopathy. Their web site is highly educational and directed at you, the lay user. They publish a very affordable magazine (Homeopathy Today) directly for lay education and use of homeopathic prescribing on the home front. The web site is www.homeopathic.org.

If you write or call me for homeopathic information not directly related to my practice, I will refer you there. Please visit the National Center for Homeopathy website to further your homeopathic education.

Find a homeopath in your area, with good credentials/education through the directories listed on these sites: