Sri Yoga Studio

Welcome to the Athens Sri Yoga Studio, your neighborhood resource for meditation, relaxation and better health in Athens, Ohio. Located in the treetops, overlooking the Hocking River Valley, we are a part of the Athens community!

Sri, pronounced Shree, comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and denotes the pinnacle of an experience. The Sri Yoga Studio focuses on teaching skills for joyful living which include but go beyond the hatha yoga postures most studios define as the yoga experience

Unique to our studio, all of our teachers are trained in the same Himalayan Tradition, all have completed their training at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA and all have a regular practice of what they teach.

For you, the student and seeker, there is continuity to the flow of information taught here, no matter the subject matter, teacher or experience level. This makes a very supportive, consistent atmosphere for your self-training.

Our work right now is to offer private studio sessions and courses, rather than classes on a drop-in basis.
Why private studio sessions? Today, yoga offers dynamic tools for change for a wide range of dis-ease in the 21st Century.
With individual sessions we get right to the root of which dynamic tools YOU need for the change you seek. We can help you prepare for or recover from hip or other joint surgeries with tools specific to yoga and Osteopathic Manipulation. We can help you improve your balance, muscle tone and flexibility in body and mind. We can teach you the postural sequence and adaptations used by Dr. Loren Fishman, MD in his ground breaking Yoga for Osteoporosis research. We offer relaxation and meditation training as well as stress management tools.
Why courses? Our students agree to honor a commitment to study by the course. This consistency and effort helps the commitment bear fruit. Our experience has shown students who commit to a course, have better success in keeping their practice going after finishing the course.