How to Register

Registration for a Course has two quick steps.
1. Please email to reserve a space in our studio class. Be sure to include your name, cell phone number, the class you want to register for and the email you would like use to use for confirmation. At this stage, the studio will only contact you if the class is already full. We try to post that on the web page as soon as that happens.
2. Write a check to Richa Eland and send it by snail mail only. We are not responsible for cash payments sent through the mail. We are not able to process credit or debit cards.
Include a note which gives me

  1. your name,
  2. a cell # and a home #,
  3. the class you want to register for
  4. your e mail address (all class announcements will be sent via e mail)
  5. whether you need a ride or can provide a ride to class.
  6. Please notify us of any recent surgery, trauma or injury. Let us know if you have a specific concern, weakness or medical condition such as hernia, untreated high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, pregnancy etc.

Mail to :

Richa Eland
61 Columbia Ave
Athens, OH 45701

Please provide a current e mail address. Once we receive your check, we will confirm your registration and any additional information about your class via email. We do not sell or share your personal information and will use it only to announce events at our studio.