Our Tradition

The ancient yogic texts delve into the three mysteries of life: Who are we? Where do we come from and Where are we going? Every philosophy, religion and Tradition engages us in these questions.

Our studio teachers were immersed, during training, in a philosophy and practice that originated deep in the Himalayan Mountains many centuries ago. That timeless wisdom about bodymind integration and healthy living comes to life in our teaching at Sri Yoga Studio and in our personal lives.

Swami Rama of the Himalayas founded the Himalayan Institute where our teachers are trained. He taught us a way of living our yoga, rather than something confined to our yoga mat. He taught about the effects of diet, internal and external cleansing (Kriya), use of hatha yoga as a way to keep good health, relaxation to calm our nerves, meditation to focus our minds and the study of inspirational stories, texts and poetry to keep our spirit buoyant in the storms of life. All this was taught with the understanding of karma yoga: that life could be fulfilling through service and if lived consciously, could lead to a joyful future.

Our Mission

The Athens Sri Yoga Studio mission is to train and celebrate a healthier, happier, relaxed and more energetic you! We offer meditation, restorative yoga, multi level hatha yoga and yoga philosophy.