Private Instruction

There are situations and people, for whom group classes do not, in the moment, seem quite right. Private Instruction can be arranged by the hour. In the last year we have given private instruction for stroke, addiction and PTSD recovery, personal fitness, awareness and understanding of the body, postural realignment, personal yoga practice, training teachers and sessions specific to injury or surgical trauma recovery.
FEES: The fee for a single student is $ 65.00 per hour. If you are Retired the private instruction per hour is $60.00. For couples who are looking for a way to relax together and have a healthy date together, the fee is $85.00. Cash or checks made out to Richa Eland are accepted.
We are not able to accept insurance or credit card payments.
DRESS: Loose fitting, comfortable layers. Dress for movement and relaxation.
To your first session please bring me the following information, even if you feel I have it.

  • your name,
  • a cell # and a home #,
  • your e mail address
  • Please list all surgery, trauma or injury with approximate dates. Let us know if you have a specific concern, weakness or medical condition such as hernia, untreated high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, pregnancy etc.