Coming to the Sri Yoga Studio for a session or course

What to Bring to Class
Please bring your own mat, yoga strap and 2 blocks.  These are readily available from Amazon to local stores. If anything else, such as a book is required, you will be given information on finding that title.

At the studio

  • To reach the studio, you must be able to climb some stairs.
  • Please supply your own yoga mat, blocks and strap.
  • Please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes with a conservative neckline. Shorts can also be unintentionally revealing and are discouraged.
  • The studio has a bathroom to change in and a coat room for storage. Please do not leave personal items along the walls of the studio where a student might injure themselves by tripping over or avoiding them.
  • Please leave your cell phones at home or in the car. If this is not possible, please turn off your cell phone before you enter, in an effort not to disrupt class.
  • Please enter in silence so as not to disturb students already practicing.
  • In yoga, it is an age-old tradition that we do not wear our shoes inside a yoga studio. If the weather is fine and warm, please leave your shoes outside the door. If the weather is inclement, please bring your shoes just inside the door and place them on the plastic boot trays provided. Please avoid getting shoes on the wood floor where people will later stretch out. Thanks.
  • After removing your shoes, please move to the Coatroom, next to the bathroom and leave your coat, purse and keys…all objects beyond mat, blocks and straps.
  • Please do not place water bottles on our oak floor. If you require water during class, please put your mat down near the coatroom and feel free to get up for water at any time.
  • If you are attending a course, please be sure to sign in for each class on the clipboard provided near the entrance and pick up any handouts displayed next to the clipboard.
  • Please check the windowsill at the clipboard for notes addressed to you.
  • If the heat or AC is on, please enter swiftly and close the door quickly so that your community of classmates remains comfortable.
  • There are bolsters and blankets in the Coat Room. Please feel free to use them during class. Eye pillows are also available for relaxation.